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Consolidate with Medical School Loans
Why Choose Medical School Loans for Your Consolidation?

As a medical student or physician you are expected to deliver a performance that is always near perfection. You constantly need to be on top of your game, and there is no room for errors. This is what is expected of you, and in turn, you should expect the same from the consolidation company that you entrust your loans to.

At Medical School Loans, we deliver the highest quality of excellence obtainable. Whether with our incredible customer service or our amazing money-saving features, we offer our borrowers the best services in the industry.

Medical School Loans is a true lender, backed by the federal government through the Federal Family Educational Loan (FFEL) Program. You can rest assured that when you choose to consolidate your student loans with us, your loans are handled in a professional manner.

You are More than Just a Number to Us!

To other companies, you are just another number and another consolidation. But not with Medical School Loans! We give our borrowers the individual respect and attention that they deserve!

From the time that you begin your application, until the end of your consolidation, a specific loan specialist is assigned to you. This way, you have the same point of contact throughout your time with us. Your personal loan specialist is familiar with you and your account, so any time that you have a question or concern, you will be able to speak directly to him or her. No more automated voice systems or being put on hold for "the next available representative!" With Medical School Loans, you have the direct phone number for your loan specialist, as well as their email address, so you are always able to contact him or her! Instead of talking to a perfect stranger who knows nothing about you or your account, you are able to talk to your personal loan specialist each and every time!

Our commitment to excellent customer service, along with our loan consolidation benefits, sets Medical School Loans apart. We are determined to maintain our position as the best in the business!

Save Thousands with Medical School Loans!

If our first-rate customer service does not convince you, maybe the opportunity to save thousands of dollars over the life of your loan will! When you consolidate with Medical School Loans, you can save thousands with our amazing money-saving features!

When you consolidate your federal student loans with us, you will be able to receive a low, fixed interest rate. This alone will save you money, because it will protect you from paying higher interest on your variable loans, as these loans can fluctuate when they are adjusted annually by the government.

To offer you an even lower interest rate, we offer our interest rate reductions. These reductions can lower the already-low interest rate that you are given with Medical School Loans, by an additional 1.25%!

And the savings continues! We offer several flexible repayment plans that allow you to choose which one best suits your current financial situation. We offer several different interest-only plans, as well as extended repayment plans to help you lower your monthly payment by almost half!

Consolidate with Medical School Loans

We offer these select services exclusively to medical students and physicians. By focusing our efforts on only those in this prestigious field, we can offer a higher quality of service and excellence that you deserve!

Why not take advantage of all of the great advantages that come along with a medical student loan consolidation from Medical School Loans? Begin your application online or call 800-680-7197 today!


Article Title : Why Choose Medical School Loans for Your Consolidation?
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