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U.S. Medical School for International Students

Getting accepted to a U.S. Medical School is a very competitive and rigorous. process. Yet as hard as it might seem, getting into a U.S. Medical School as a U.S. citizen is a breeze compared to getting into a U.S. Medical School if you are an international student.

The first roadblock is that there are only approximately 50 medical school M.D. programs in the U.S. that accept international students. Even those schools that are willing to accept international student's applications are very reluctant to actually accept the student because of concerns over Visa's and payment.

However, for many students, the largest set-back will be that all applying international medical school students must have the proven monetary means to pay for a year of medical school. Some schools even require that the potential student prove that they have the money in the bank to pay for all four years. The obvious question arises of how to pay for medical school.

The first thing that must be understood is that international students can not receive U.S. Government Federal Loans. These loans are setup to encourage growth and development of the U.S. population; hence, you must be a U.S. citizen to receive these loans.

However, there are still some options available to international students to help them pay for medical school in the United States.

  1. International students can ask their home government to finance their medical education. Many governments are willing to fund their citizen's medical education in the United States as long as that citizen returns and practices medicine in their homeland for a set period of time.
  2. There are some scholarships that are available for international students to apply for. However, those scholarships are rarely enough to cover the total cost of tuition and fees, though they can provide significant help.
  3. It is possible to get a private loan from a U.S. bank, but the co-signer must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the country
  4. A long shot option is to enter a MD/PhD program. These programs help to pay for a student's medical education but are very competitive and the student must be able to prove that they are truly interested in the MD/PhD program and degree.
With all of these options worked in, being an international student going to a U.S. medical school can become a very real possibility.


Article Title : U.S. Medical School for International Students
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