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Consolidate with Medical School Loans
4 Simple Reasons to Consolidate with Medical School Loans

Unless you are among the fortunate few who have the means to afford high medical school costs, most likely, you are paying your medical school tuition through student loans. These loans come in many forms, including Stafford, PLUS, and private loans. Regardless of the type of loan, Medical School Loans can help to create a consolidation plan for medical school students. There are many other companies out there that offer medical school loan consolidation, but Medical School Loans stands above all others for four simple reasons:

1. Medical School Loans is a true lender

Many companies contact you about your loans, claiming that they work to set up consolidation loans for medical students. The reality is that an estimated 95 percent of these companies are just implementing marketing gimmicks. These marketing companies sell the loan consolidations applications of medical students to a variety of banks or similar companies. Medical School Loans is not like these other companies, we are a true lender. As a lender, we know the status of your loans at all times, and can offer you the best terms because we are not paying a middleman. Medical School Loans consolidates loans for medical students with the highest level of professionalism and scrutiny.

2. To us you are a person, not a number

At Medical School Loans, we are arranging consolidation loans for medical students each time we pick up the phone. Because we work with a smaller number of clients than most of the larger, informal companies, we are constantly working for you. We know you personally. Many times our specialists will actually recognize your voice when you contact us! When you call, we are able to provide accurate help within a matter of minutes - not hours or days. Our loan specialists are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are more than willing to work with your schedule. Medical School Loans will work with you to set up a repayment program that works with your income. This is just one of many aspects that we customize to fit your individual needs. To Medical School Loans, you are not just a number, you are a person. You will be treated with courtesy and with respect.

3. Our specialists actually know what they are talking about

Because many "lenders" are actually just marketing firms, their telephone representatives have a very minimal knowledge of medical school loan consolidation. If you have a question concerning your loan or consolidation, they will not have the means to give you the most educated answer. On the other hand, the specialists at Medical School Loans are kept up to date on the latest loan and interest rate information relating to medical school loans. Our specialists can provide you with the information you need, when you need it. Furthermore, our website is also designed to provide you with important information, such as an online glossary of terms and multiple news articles.

4. We offer fast, efficient service

Medical School Loans strives to set up consolidation loans for medical students as quickly as possible. With our easy, e-sign option, you can apply for a consolidation in less than 15 minutes! Once your application is accepted, we begin to work towards securing you a specific consolidation loan. Because of the large lending power that we have, we are able to procure consolidated loans for medical students in much less time than marketing "lender" companies. We also offer a large variety of loan programs and make every effort to find the one that will best fit your needs. Our professional, efficient service has helped us to become the leader in consolidating loans for medical students. We are a medical school loan lender that provides attention tailored for each individual medical student.


Article Title : 4 Simple Reasons to Consolidate with Medical School Loans
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