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Medical School Loans' Top Medical Schools Profile: Johns Hopkins University

Success can be measured in many different ways. One way to measure the success of a medical school is to look at its ranking on the US News and World Report's yearly assessment of medical schools. This report lays out the best medical schools in the country in a comparative summary. At Medical School Loans, we are devoted to helping you all we can, not only with your consolidation needs but with picking a school that will provide you the best opportunity for success. To this end, we have provided you with a profile of the second ranked medical school in the US News & World Report, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

History of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine was founded in 1893 to accompany the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Because of its continuing interest in being on the cutting edge of medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine was among the first to instigate certain practices that are now seen as common procedure. These practices include being the first major medical school in the United States to admit women, to use rubber gloves during surgery and to make the use of CPR a common practice in emergency rooms. The learning environment that Johns Hopkins provides to its students and doctors also allowed for the development of multiple medical specialties, including neurosurgery, urology, endocrinology and pediatrics.

One of the Top Ranked Medical Schools in America

Johns Hopkins' goal of being a cut above the rest when it comes to medical schooling in the US has continued throughout its history. Johns Hopkins Hospital is one of the most trusted and professional hospitals in the world leading the medical world with its cutting edge techniques and technology. This same idea spills over to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine proven by its #2 ranking in the
U.S. News & World Report's annual rankings of the "Top Medicals Schools for Research in America for 2008."

Many students that have been through the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have gone on to be world renowned leaders in their chosen field of medical study and practice. Four notable alumni of the school have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their accomplishments in the professional world of medicine.

Curriculum of the Johns Hopkins Medical School

The curriculum is comprised of a beginning basic knowledge of science and medicine which then leads into a vast educational experience encompassing any area of medicine students might be interested in pursuing. By focusing on having students work in small groups side-by-side with professionals, Johns Hopkins Medical School students learn through a "real world" hands-on approach. Johns Hopkins leaders state that "the line between learning and teaching disappears into a continuum of discovery."

Admission Process

To apply for admittance to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine you must:

  • Apply to the American Medical College Application Service or AMCAS online at:
  • Once you have submitted your AMCAS application, you can apply to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine online at:
  • After you have completed the online application, you must print off a second copy of the application and mail it into the school
Admittance to the school is highly competitive with the school touting one of the lowest acceptance rates of any medical program in the country. According to U.S. News & Word Report, in 2006, only 6.2% of applicants were accepted to the school of medicine with an average MCAT score of 11.6 and an average GPA of 3.85.

Tuition at Johns Hopkins

Attending a prestigious medical school comes with a high price tag. Tuition for a year at the Johns Hopkins School University of Medicine is $37,515. That excludes books, supplies, lab fees and the cost of living.

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Medical School Loans leads the industry with its professional customer service. We want to allow you to focus on your schooling and achieve your goal of entering the field of medicine instead of having to stress over your student loans. Since Medical School Loans works exclusively with medical school students, you can rest assured that we provide the best support and service in the industry for you and your consolidation needs.

More Information

For more information on the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, visit

For more information on the US News & World Report rankings, visit


Article Title : Medical School Loans' Top Medical Schools Profile: Johns Hopkins University
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